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Strong and powerful hair styling product, that works great at making your hair hold-up its look.
Appropriate for any hairstyle.
The product is easy to scoop and apply. It also allows you to comb through your hair with ease. 
Sets with firmness and medium shine. 
Washes out easily with water. 

  • Firm hold all-day 
  • Medium shine
  • Easily removed 
  • Flake-less unlike gel 
  • No harsh chemicals drying hair or scalp out 
  • Size : 4oz (113g)


Water, Argan Oil, Sorbitol, Beeswax, Disodium EDTA


For less shine, apply to dry hair. For more shine, apply to damp hair.
Scoop about a quarter sized amount out and rub between fingers and palms to warm up the product. Work into hair roots up evenly. Comb or brush to achieve desired style.
Washes out with water at the end of the day.